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  1. Midway Babysitting

    Sara C.I love playing games with the kids and I love getting children active both physically and mentally b...

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  2. Millbrook Babysitting

    Jennifer M.I have been babysitting for at least 15yrs. I love children but don't have any yet. I have several f...

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  3. Millerville Babysitting

    Rebecca B.I have 3 children ages 4, 12 and 16. My 4 year old is a special needs, he has ADHD and adjustment di...

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  4. Millport Babysitting

    Alisa W.My children are grown and moved away. I enjoy children and love to read to them and go for walks or ...

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  5. Millry Babysitting

    Tiffanie C.I have watched kids for at least 10 years. I am great with kids of all ages and love to be around th...

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  6. Minter Babysitting

    Destiny D.My name is Destiny Duncan. I've babysat for many years and I have a lot of exerience. I have a one y...

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  7. Mobile Babysitting

    Katie W.I am currently enrolled in college to become a nurse. I used to work for the YMCA as a teachers help...

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  8. Monroeville Babysitting

    Khristina W.Hi my name is Khristina! I have worked in child care for about 3 years now. I love children!  I l...

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  9. Montevallo Babysitting

    Heather B.I currently am not working for any company or other families. I have about 5+ years experience in ch...

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  10. Montgomery Babysitting

    Leah H.I am currently attending school, and have been looking for a place to work for over a month. Though ...

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  11. Montrose Babysitting

    Madeline A.I have been babysitting for about 7 years. I regularly babysit for families in Fairhope and Daphne. ...

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  12. Moody Babysitting

    Ashley M.I'm currently a stay at home mom of two children. A girl 19 months and a 7 week old boy! I have a ba...

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  13. Mooresville Babysitting

    brittany c.I am 24 years old. I have a 4 year. I have worked in daycares for about 6 years. I had my own daycar...

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  14. Morris Babysitting

    Haley K.Hello, My name is Haley Kurz. I am 20 years old. I have a lot of experience with children of all age...

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  15. Morvin Babysitting

    Morgan K.Hey My name is morgan! I have a 2 year old son and would love to babysit other kids! I love kids and...

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  16. Moulton Babysitting

    Ashley B.Babysitter for 12 years to children ages infant to 12 years old. I am very active with the children....

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  17. Moundville Babysitting

    teresa i.I am a caring and loveing person. i have three children of my own, 16, 15 and 9. I use to work for n...

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  18. Mount Hope Babysitting

    Jasmin S.Hey, I'm Jasmin. I am 19 years old, and I am a freshman at the University of North Alabama. I love ...

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  19. Mount Meigs Babysitting

    Katelynn H.My name is Katelynn, and I have lived in Montgomery all my life. I am currently enrolled at AUM purs...

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  20. Mount Olive Babysitting

    Anjelica A.Can sit with children and the eldelry. Experience in both. I'm currently looking for a family or sin...

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