Safety Is A Top Priority

There is nothing more important that your child's safety. To help guide you through the babysitter hiring process you can utilize the Four-Step Screening process which includes background checks, references and parent reviews. This ensures that you will have all the information you need to chose the perfect sitter.

Simple To Use and Simply Unique

With more than a million caregivers nationwide narrowing down your search has never been easier. We give you all the tools to easily find that one babysitter who best fits with you and your family. Use the sophisticated, one-of-a-kind matching technology that lets you search for that perfect babysitter using over 40 million matching criteria. You can also simply post a job and let the qualified babysitter respond to your ad.

Child Care Definitions

Not sure if you need a babysitter, mother's helper, au pair or nanny? Don't worry, we'll help explain what each caregiver title means and what type of service they provide.

A Babysitter

Babysitters are part-time child care providers that work either in your home or occasionally out of their own home. Babysitters usually work less than 20 hours a week for an hourly rate and don't identify child care as their major profession. Babysitters can range in age from 11-90, though you'll only find sitters aged 18 and up on

A Mother's Helper

Mothers' helpers are babysitters in training. They are just like babysitters except that the parent is in the house while the helper is watching the kids. This is an excellent option if you are just getting used to using child care, want some uninterrupted time to get extra work done or want to give a babysitter a trial period before leaving her to fend for herself against your... precious angels.

An Au Pair

An au pair is a foreign adult between the ages of 18 and 26 who comes to the United States to live with and work for an American family as a primary caregiver. In exchange, the au pair receives room and board, and a small monetary allowance. An au pair is treated as another family member and typically stays with an American family for one to two years. (Different countries have different regulations and programs.)

A Nanny

A nanny works more than 20 hours in a week, lives inside your home or travels to it daily, and receives a weekly salary. Nannies generally consider themselves to be full-time care providers. Their income should be reported and are considered employees of your home. Nannies can be wonderful additions to a household and can be like a favorite aunt or uncle to your kids.

Babysitting Services and Nannies in your City

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